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You may be wondering how this could work “getting cash back rebates for all my trades winning or loosing”. So let’s answer your question: CashBackForex is a company advertising brokers to the world so you have to register to CashBackForex then choose a broker on their site and register to that broker trough them (You will get referred to a broker trough them). This means that the broker will pay CashBackForex a “reward” for bringing them new customers and you’ll get a piece of this “reward” 🙂

So let’s say you register to CashBackForex and then to a broker XY.
Broker XY will pay CashBackForex 0.7pips/lot per every trade you made and then you will get 0.5pips from those 0.7pips/lot back!

If you’re questioning yourself “how can a broker pay 0.7pips/lot per every trade to CashBackForex?”, they can, because every time you open a position, the broker have already earned his piece from the spread..

Getting cash back for all trades winning/loosing is just great because it’s just some extra cash 🙂 The cash back is different from broker to broker, on some you’ll get 0.25pips/lot and by others 0.7pips/lot 🙂

And here’s a nice cash back calculator:

They will beat any other rebate rate from other companies and make you a better counter offer!

Here are few of my payouts, at first with small lots and then bigger.
Forex Trading rebates

You can also visit our partner website Best Forex Rebates. They can get you awesome custom deals with huge rates.

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