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5USD Welcome Trading Bonus

October 3, 2011

Another nice no deposit forex bonus from TradeFort (Register here). Register and receive 5 USD welcome trading bonus for opening a real trading account. To receive the welcome bonus you just have to verify your identity by submitting your ID and some utility Bill. The bonus and profits can be withdrawn after closing 1.5lots. TradeFort is registered under the legislation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines being a full-fledged member of the British Commonwealth. You can choose fixed or variable spread accounts.

As soon as your account will be verified, in your Trader’s Room in the tab “Bonus” – “Welcome Bonus”, button “Get Welcome bonus” will become active but only for 10days starting from the date of account registration. It means that if you have not pressed it within first 10 days after registration, you will not be able to use it in the future.. Once you click this button, the account will automatically be credited with a bonus of $5 USD (500 cents in case of Cent accounts) or the equivalent in Euro, depending on the currency of your account.

If your account is > 1000USD you can get Free VPS – virtual private server for automatic trading systems
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3k$ Monthly Draw Demo Contest

October 1, 2011

Register to NordFX and join the DemoCup contest that is held monthly. Every month’s draw is 3000$! You can be one of the top #10 lucky ones. The demo account is funded with 10 000$ and who has the largest equity after two weeks is the winner. Trading is done using MetaTrader 4.

#1 – 1000$
#2 – 700$
#3 – 500$
#4 – 200$
#5-6 -100$

Start: 10.10.2011 00:00 (server time).
Finish: 21.10.2011 22:00 (server time)

The final stage of the contest is DemoGoldCup that will be held among the winners of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places on the basis of the monthly phases. “DemoGoldCup” draw is $10 000.

Here’s a *tip*, if you register to NordFX for the real “Welcome” account, you get 8$ free into the real trading account and all profits are withdrawable!

8$ Welcome bonus

September 16, 2011

NordFX is offering 8USD trading bonus for all new clients! You just have to open a “Welcome account”, verify it and you can start trading FOREX immediately with no deposit at all. This 8USD forex bonus is not withdrawable but all the profits can be withdrawn immediately! Nord FX is authorized by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius so even if you decide to make a deposit later, your funds are safe.

Welcome account specifications:

  • $0 minimum deposit;
  • 21 currency pairs;
  • Fixed spread from 2 pips;
  • Leverage up to 1:500;

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:arrow: 8USD Welcome bonus ACTIVE

Never say NO to a free FOREX bonus

August 30, 2011

Forex bonuses are free and easy money, so why would anyone say NO to a offer like that? The broker will give you some cash to trade on their trading platform to see how great their services are. Some brokers even allow you to withdraw any profits made right away but others have some strings attached that you can’t cash the profits out until you traded a certain amount of LOTS. But anyway… It’s still free money right? If you make nice profits you can easely withdraw them but if you lose everything, just move to another bonus, that’s it. If you ask me, just grab all the bonuses and trade with all of them. And if you’re willing to invest some some of your own money into a trading account, find a broker with nice bonuses on deposits. Some will give you up to 50% withdrawable bonus and that’s just great, even id you need to trade 50 or 100 LOTS to be able to withdraw that bonus, who cares? If you’re a trader you’re going to trade for a long time anyway and not just for a month. So check out for some no deposit forex bonuses in 2011 and start earning.

Martingale Trading Strategy

August 24, 2011

Some say Martingale strategy is 100% profitable. But is this true? The martingale theory was introduced by a French mathematicians Paul Pierre Levy and American mathematician Joseph Leo Doob. The martingale  system can be summarized as follows. Each time a bid loses, the next rate doubles. We doubled the rate until not win. Winnings will offset all previous losses. But you need BIG equity to make this system work. Those systems have a really nice profit curve that makes you giggle :) But how long will a system like this perform well? That’s really easy to answer, martingale systems perform well until they kill your entire trading account. Nice eh?


Awesome right? But don’t forget, you’re risking 100% of your account balance. So think about it, there are a lot of martingale forex robots out there, some even for free.

Great FOREX contests with prizes up to 2000$

August 18, 2011

Join the Grand Capital group and start earning money with FOREX contests! The prizes are awesome, up to 2000$!

You can participate on the next contests on DEMO accounts:

  • Rally trade - this contest is held every 2 weeks on Thursday.  You’ll get 10 000$ on your demo account and it’s necessary to perform maximum profit in 24 hours.
    And here are the prizes:
    #1 – 2000$ + 200$ if the winner deposits 200$+ into account
    #2 – 1000$ + 200$  if the winner deposits 200$+ into account
    #3 – 500$ +  200$  if the winner deposits 200$+ into account
  • Drag trade – this is the fastest contest and it’s held every Friday from 15:00 to 16:00 (GMT+3). You’ll get 100 000$ into your demo account and it’s necessary to perform maximum profit in 1 hour.
    #1 – 200$ + 100$ if the winner deposits 100$+ into account
    #2-10 –  10$ + 100$ if the winner deposits 100$+ into account
    #all traders with finished equity over 100 000$ will get 100$ bonus on any 100$+ deposit
Grand Capital still offers 5 USD free welcome bonus to all new clients.

After registering and choosing the Micro account just send a ticket to “Financial Department” with the following message:

Hello, Grand Capital.
I found you on FreeFxBonus.com
My name is “your name”
Please deposit a welcome bonus on my account “your account number”

I’ve read the condition of the consent.


It will take up to 72 hours to add bonus to your account!

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